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Solid Mechanics and design Faculty Members
Vibration and noise diagnosis and control; Fracture and fatigue; Structural stress and durability analysis; Metal forming; Biomechanics, Medical instrument design; Gear design; Robotics and dynamic analysis.

Thermal and Fluid Technologies Faculty Members
Heat transfer of micro systems; application of heat exchanger; thermal-fluid analysis of opto-electronic fabrication processes; thermal management of LED; Powder technologies; turbulent flow; fluid analysis of bio-reactors and tissue engineering.

Advanced Materials and Precision Manufacturing Faculty Members
Hydrogen storage materials; Fuel cell materials; Composite materials, Light weight metals ant manufacturing; Semiconductors and opto-electronic fabrication; Micro- and nano- fabrication; Machining by Electrical Discharge; Electrochemical technology; Ejection mold; Corrosion and anti-corrosion protection.

Contral, Automation and System Engineering Faculty Members
Control engineering; Automation; Reverse engineering, Reliability analysis; Machine visualization, Intelligent diagnosis of system fault; Automobile driving system simulation; Surgical positioning and guiding system.

Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Faculty Members
Design, Control, Measurement and Interfacial integration of Opto-mechatronics systems.

Energy Engineering Faculty Members
Hydrogen energy; fuel cell, solar power, emission control and technology; advanced combustion technology and energy saving.
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